Discord-Server Rules


Insults or swear words are not welcome on this server and will be punished with penalties.


Avatars, Nicknames and Descriptions may not contain pornographic, racist or offensive content.


Dealing with other Discord users should always be friendly. Verbal attacks against other people or sexual/offending insinuations are strictly prohibited.


Admin and mod rights are not given indiscriminately and only given to trustworthy users.


Who does not follow the instructions of the server admin or the supporters will be warned and kicked in case of emergency. Should this happen more often, a ban is to be expected.


All users are required to follow the Discord-Server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, this must be reported immediately to an admin.


We don’t tolerate bullying to spoil the fun of the other community members


Talking behind the back to Admins and all other members here in the Discord like for example because of a handicap or other things is strictly forbidden since this is a violation of privacy.


Administrators reserve the right to a permanent ban!